Building a New Foundation

Concrete Basements

New Concrete and Cinder Block FoundationConcrete Basements – Proper construction beginning with the foundation and basement will considerably increase your homes value. Whether you are renovating your existing homes basement with a concrete floor and walls or need a foundation for the construction of a new home, Gerber Masonry has the expertise and decades of experience to get the job done in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Realtor surveys conclude that a finished basement will increase the value of a home and therefore increase the return on investment for you and your family.

Concrete basements & remodeling a basement leaks with French drains – A French drain consists of a continuous system of piping, running beneath the floor of the basement and along the entire perimeter of the basement to help release exiting pooling and prevent the build up of water that can damage your home. Installing a French drain will help protect your buildings structure and keep damaging moisture and mold from involving your entire home. French drains work with a sump pump to help in the removal of water which gets into the drain system.

Pictured is a typical new concrete foundation with cinder block walls that is ideal for a new garage or home construction.

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