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About Gerber Masonry recognized by the City of Wilmington Delaware's Historic Preservation Department

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Gerber Masonry was formed 1991 with J. David Gerber as the sole proprietor/owner. David had worked for numerous masons over the previous 5 years. Due to his natural ability, He became a master mason within a short period of time. Dave set off on his own to chart his own course and founded Gerber Custom Stone & Tile. R. Peter Gerber began working with his brother in 1996 as an apprentice and helper. Together they worked as a team, enlisting help from Pete's friends on larger jobs. In 1999, David suffered a brain aneurysm which limited his mobility propelling Pete to take over the business and carry on the tradition of excellence David had created. Over the past 4 years, Pete has created a network with other masons with whom he works regularly, including one of Dave's mentors William Taylor. This network allows each mason to take on larger and more diverse projects while maintaining a high level of quality. Due to our dedication, we have developed recognition with in the City of Wilmington's Historic Preservation Department and have been called upon to save the facades of important city land marks. We have and continue to strive to provide all customers with prompt, reliable service and workmanship that is built to last.


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Gerber Masonry

Gerber Masonry

Gerber Masonry


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